Thursday, December 29, 2011

Lessons Learned – Yes, I Was Burned but the Lessons I Learned are Worth it...

I haven’t written a blog entry for so long, I’m not even sure if I still can. lol.

Seriously, today was such a fun awakening and adventure rolled into one. I met some of my old friends from my old office. You know what I discovered? I have an inferiority complex combine with an introverted attention seeker. I have noticed during the past few days a certain discontent which I am unable to identify. I have tried listening more to the inner voice inside me and I noticed that I tend to jump in on conversations that don’t involve me. Plus, I tend to cringe at the end of every song before my music player moves on to the next one. It’s like I expect something to happen. Weird! The bad news is I still don’t have a lot of self-control. The good news is that at least I’m listening to my body now. It is kind of strange how much a few years can fly by without me even noticing. One thing is for sure, I have a few New Year’s resolutions already prepared for 2012.

A few lessons I learned in 2011:

  1. Health is wealth. No getting around it.
  2. What goes around really does come around. The lies I have been hiding behind for the past several years just collapsed and I feel so bare and exposed.
  3. You can’t force someone to love you. You can try to get them to like you. And I have the scars to prove that.
  4. The difference between love and hate is paper thin. So is the difference between humility and pride. False bravado and courage.
I have been stumbling around blind for the past 3 years and these lessons are just sinking in. I am very happy that these have finally been revealed. It’s like running around like a horse with blinders that have finally been torn from my eyes. Much better than running around like a headless chicken, at least. J

I have been running around chasing people when most of them have been around all along. I was just too blind to see the truth. People move on but friends tend to stick around. At least the best ones do. And this is the best lesson I learned tonight. Really, it’s not about me. It truly is about you Jesus. I am sorry for the many times that I have hurt you in the past. I am mostly sorry for my indifference. I would like to start over again and I would like to do it with You Jesus. This is the best way I know how. Love song for my Saviour to follow. Thank You Lord Jesus. Amen. J

Monday, November 28, 2011

Love & Gratitude -- Why They Come Hand in Hand

Love can be a bit confusing sometimes. I have never really allowed myself to love someone. And by love, I mean love love. You know, with the opposite sex. It scares me, the thought of falling so deeply in love with someone that you can't live or breathe without them. I've always thought that was so cheesy. But now I'm not so sure.

I'm going through a transformation that is alarming and scary mostly because this is unknown. I have a feeling that when the clouds part, there's something elusive yet oh so wonderful at the other end. Kind of like following a rainbow? I don't know how to explain this but it sure is nice. Sure, there is some pain but I prefer this compared to the numbness that I went through before.

The truth really does set us free. But who knew that it would bring joy and laughter together with pain and sorrow? I surely did not expect this. Such bliss! I know this sounds crazy and I'm scared half to death already but for some reason I just keep moving on. It's like turning pages too fast and then going back to check out what I have missed.

Here comes the heartache again. But this time I welcome this with open arms. Embracing the pain makes it so much easier to experience the joy. This is the first time I have ever pursued a dream that has been living inside my heart for so long.

I may have been soul searching for the past 17 and a half years and now I have finally discovered that what I have been looking for has been with me all along -- love. And for that I am forever grateful. I guess it's true what they say... love and gratitude comes hand in hand for the simple reason that true gratitude is borne out of love.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Lesson About Detachment

Mother Teresa of Calcutta mentions that we are to take what the Lord gives and give what the Lord takes. This is detachment. All too often, we become attached to many things, even money.

Money is to be used rightfully, in ways that honor the Lord and help those in need. The trouble is that money takes a hold on people’s lives and in the end, it kills.

What are the gifts that you possess? Do you possess them? Alternatively, do they possess you? Possession can breed selfishness. People can become stingy in their outlook in life. They are not willing to give and unwilling to make any sacrifice. On the other hand, many people are extremely generous. These are the good stewards. The selfless and detached person sees everything as given by God. They consider themselves unworthy to have such blessings. In their humility, they are more than willing to share. Let us be like the ones whom the Lord commends in the Gospel. If we have been faithful in small matters in our life, the Lord will entrust us with riches, the treasure of heaven, namely eternal life. What profit is it to gain the whole world yet loses one’s soul?

Are you trustworthy and faithful in what has been given to you?

God of my heart, give me the grace of detachment. Dearest Lord, teach me to be generous. Amen.

Gospel Reflections:

Friday, November 4, 2011

Where is Prudence at Work in My Life

Where have you seen prudence at work in your life?

Prudence is a gift of the Holy Spirit, one of the cardinal virtues. We need to be cunning as serpents and wise as doves. Prudence tells us that we should be practical in affairs and cautious in our undertakings. The prudent man looks where he is going (Proverbs 14:15). To be prudent is to discern the good in a given circumstance and the right means of achieving it (Catechism of the Catholic Church, No. 1806).

Prudence is an advice that I have receive from most of my loved ones... family and friends. I have received a plethora of advice but this is my favorite. You see prudence is something I sorely need. I act on a whim or on impulse and most of the time it gets me in trouble. Most of the time I manage to get out of the mess caused by my lack of prudence but sometimes I get in too deep that it kind of gets too "tangled" if you know what I mean.

My grandmother tells me it's important to seek the help of the holy spirit before doing anything, especially before I start working. My aunt tells me she asks the Holy Spirit to guide her in her daily activities. My uncle tells me I should think twice before doing or saying anything. My father tell me it's important to always act with prudence and ask God for help before doing anything. A plethora of advice. And good ones at that. I'm so happy to belong to such a loving and wise family. They help keep me grounded. And so do my friends.

Recently, my friends and I shared secrets and now I realize that their message was prudence too. That it's okay to act on impulse sometimes and let our emotions direct us. But not always... because sometimes emotions cloud our judgment and they make us act against the will of God. Fighting God's will is like swimming against the current. It's next to impossible and there's a huge possibility of drowning. My friends are like my sailing buddies now. They are on the same boat with me and my family has given me their blessing to go and follow my dreams.

We just started our own company this year, May 2011 to be exact. And I have to admit that it has its ups and downs. There were even times when I was so scared that we wouldn't make it. That's why I include our company in my prayers. I know I should learn to trust in Jesus and let him take the wheel. Sometimes I'm just too stubborn to realize that my God is the God of impossible things. He makes all things possible and with Him there is nothing that we can't do.

Running our company is fun. I have to admit that, even to myself. It was fun when we began and it's still fun until now. Sometimes though I wish we had less problems because it pains me to see my friends going through pain too. I know we're in this together and only recently did I realize that they are in this for the long haul too and that they are ready to help... that we are a team and we are blessed with amazing people who are always hard at work with us making all our dreams come true, with God's help, of course.

Now that I am no longer alone in my work, it has grown to become an integral part of my life that brings me joy. Yes, sometimes it brings me fear and sadness and pain but it's so worth it. It's always been a dream of mine, my personal mission, to help fellow Filipinos find work that they can do in the comforts of their home, like me. To make life easier for them and show them that they don't have to leave their families to pursue their dreams or earn a good living. Now I know that having my friends with me on this journey makes it all the more exciting because we're actually making a difference in each others' life.

My only prayer is that our business will grow and soar so that we can give more and help more people. The thing is, I do need constant guidance and for that I turn to Jesus and Mama Mary and seek the help of the holy spirit to instill in me the value and virtues that I need like prudence so that my work will always be according to God's will. I love my life and I'm living my dreams, thanks to Jesus and Mama Mary.

Heavenly Father, I thank You for sending the Holy Spirit to all of us. Lord Jesus, I thank You for staying with us on our journey and for never leaving our side. Mama Mary, I thank you for your example -- your humility, obedience and trust in our Lord Jesus Christ and your constant guidance. Thank you for bringing me closer to Jesus and our Heavenly Father. One thing I ask from you today is to remind me always to be prudent at all times. And to show me where I came from and where I'm going. Thank You Jesus for my family and friends and for my new team -- friends old and new who are with me on this journey called life. We're sailing with You Jesus and that's enough for me. Thank you Jesus. Amen.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

About Judgment... Why Can't We All Just Get Along?

“Stop judging, that you may not be judged.” (Matthew 7:1)

The funny thing about judgment is that it has a way of coming back to us. My personal experiences caught on God's canvas is very colorful and there are some embarrassing spots  this canvas but if there's one thing I've learned it's this -- judgment is like a boomerang -- once thrown out there it comes back with such a huge "WHAM" and when it happened to me, I didn't even know what hit me!

And so as I get up from yet another fall, I've learned a few more lessons along the way, thanks to my family and friends...

First, stop judging myself and other people and keep my emotions in check. Sometimes it's wiser to just accept that things happen for a reason.

Second, stop pointing fingers because when I point them, only one finger is pointing at my opponent, one finger (my thumb) is pointing down, and the other 3 fingers are pointing right back at me. If that isn't irony then I don't know what is.

Third, I've learned the value of detachment. Don't get me wrong, I'm still struggling with this one. I have the tendency to get too attached to people and things and when they go away or break down, as people and things are wont to do (didn't mean to lump them together), the loss gets a bit too much too bear.

Finally, I've learned to accept myself for who I am... human, prone to mistakes and imperfect. And that's just the way I like it. Sure I want to be better but at the end of the day, pushing myself too much only results in disaster so I've decided to cool it. Hands on the brakes just in case, pedaling slower to enjoy the journey better and maybe backpedal sometimes to remember a lovely memory or two. I'm loving this bike ride!

So there, I've learned some lessons which intend to keep. Thank God for so many second chances. I'm glad to be alive. Happy to be loved. And grateful to be surrounded by such a wonderful group of loving people - my family and friends. God is good all the time. And He is sooo awesome! :)

Monday, October 24, 2011

When our work seems small and insignificant...


In the parables of the mustard seed and the yeast, Jesus shows us that even though the things of the Kingdom of God may seem very small and insignificant, in God’s eyes they are very great and powerful. Let us not be discouraged when our work seems small and insignificant because if done with love for God, it will bear an abundant harvest in His time.

R: Alleluia, alleluia
Blessed are you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth; you have revealed to little ones the mysteries of the Kingdom.
R: Alleluia, alleluia

Luke 13:18-21
18 Jesus said, “What is the kingdom of God like? To what can I compare it? 19 It is like a mustard seed that a person took and planted in the garden. When it was fully grown, it became a large bush and ‘the birds of the sky dwelt in its branches.’” 20 Again he said, “To what shall I compare the kingdom of God? 21 It is like yeast that a woman took and mixed in with three measures of wheat flour until the whole batch of dough was leavened.”

my reflections
t h i n k : Let us not be discouraged when our work seems small and insignificant because if done with love for God, it will bear an abundant harvest in His time.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Is There Compassion for Sidewalk Vendors in Our Government Leader's Hearts?

I am a native of Lapu-Lapu City or Opon, as it is called in the past. We call ourselves Oponganon and that binds us together both as residents of this small island in Cebu and believers of Jesus Christ and Mama Mary.

Have you ever gone to our local church? The Virgen de Regla Parish has a shrine of our Blessed Virgin Mother, Mama Mary, gently holding the baby Jesus – our Sr. Sto. NiƱo de Cebu in her arms. A lot of pilgrims and devotees flock to our church because we believe that our patron is miraculous – more so because we are praying to both Jesus and Mary every time we visit our Virgin of the Rule.

She has been our patron as far back as I could remember. Since I was a little child, I have been a part of this church – the Holy Catholic church – and God has always blessed our family abundantly with so much love. Though there may have been heartaches along the way, God has always been there and so has the Blessed Virgin Mary.

My grandma tells me that a woman who was unable to conceive for many years came to visit our Virgin of the Rule and a few years later, came back to thank the parish priest because she was finally able to give birth to a child, thanks to her devotion to our Virgin of the Rule.

Sometimes when I tell this story to my friends, I get goose bumps because I am amazed at how much God loves us and how much He loves Mama Mary… whatever she asks for us, her intercession is always honoured by our Lord Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father.

What breaks my heart is the constant attacks against our local vendors. You see, it happened outside our very own church one fateful night, the irony still lingers in my heart – there was a healing mass scheduled that night and even before it could begin, there was a truckload of policemen and their aides, who took away all of the shoes and bags and other items that were being sold by our local vendors. I remember that night because so many “nanays” (mothers) were very angry. I understand why. They voted for the same government officials who are taking away their livelihood.

Standing there, watching them take everything away, I felt so helpless. I tried calling an old friend who used to fight for human rights but I could no longer reach her. And then I asked one of the nanays, why are they taking away your “tinda” products? They told me that our mayor wants them to find a new place to sell their products and she is asking for permits and taxes. The irony is this – small business owners and sidewalk vendors have to pay taxes and permits while “The Mactan Export Processing Zone is an industrial tax-free zone.”

“The Mactan Export Processing Zone (MEPZ) is a 120-hectare industrial estate located at Lapu-Lapu City.  It started out with 8 companies in 1986.  Twenty-four years later, MEPZ 1 has 148 locators.  This growth reflects the fast-paced economic development that is happening in Lapu-lapu City.  The Mactan Export Processing Zone is an industrial tax-free zone.

Factories in MEPZ 1 deliver world-class products to the United States, the European Economic Community and Japan. Such products include watches, semiconductors, electrical equipment, garments and precious jewelry.”


Then yesterday, the same thing happened, this time closer to home. My neighbours were totally caught unawares. Their corn, guavas, pineapples and other products were taken. This is so frustrating because I do not understand why they keep taking away our sidewalk vendors’ livelihood. Why on earth would our own local government want to take away the livelihood of their own constituents? There are so many ways to help them like giving them a place where they can keep selling whatever food or items and still find customers. My uncle even said, sidewalk vendors deserve a chance to earn an honest living. And I agree with him totally.

The thing is these people are earning an honest living so why can’t our government officials just let them be? Which leads me to my next question… could these constant attacks against the poor in Opon be the reason for the rising violence? Or maybe this is unrelated. I do not know. What I do know is, based on the news that Lola shares with me from the radio, violence here in Opon is rising. People are shooting other people left and right almost every night. There are even parents selling their children’s innocence on the internet. Do we really want this to be our future?

I believe that God has put us here for a good purpose a really good one. But with the way things are going, I am confused. How can we help? Why can’t we just get along and give each other a chance? Is there a way that we can resolve this problem without destroying other people’s lives? I am reminded of the cavalier way they spray firemen’s water against squatters or start a fire there just to make the demolition easier. Our government officials should be on our side, shouldn’t they? After all, they swore an oath to serve and protect. So why are they attacking the poor? It makes no sense and it’s heartbreaking!!!

And so I pray, Lord Jesus, please grant us the serenity to accept the things we cannot change, the courage to change the things that we can and the wisdom to know the difference. Amen.

God's Calling and My Journey with Him

I have been on a journey of self-discovery and now I realize that Mama Mary has always been with me. It’s hard to explain but I believe that she has strengthened my faith in our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and brought me from the darkness of sin to the light of God’s love and grace. My constant prayer to her is, “Mama Mary, please bring me closer to Jesus” and she has never left my side even though I have sinned many times.

In the same way, I feel God’s love is with me always, even during my darkest hours. My Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ has been with me through it all. And I do believe that Jesus is my first love simply because He loves me even before I was conceived. He is a constant presence that I cannot ignore and His call is resounding in my ears always. I don’t know where He wants me to go or what He wants me to do for Him but this much I know – my life is yours Lord Jesus Christ even though I know that it will never be enough to repay all of your love and mercy and grace and your living sacrifice, which I am blessed to experience every single day of my life.

And that is why I will strive to do my best to serve You, Lord Jesus and Mama Mary every day of my life, in every little way that I can. I know deep in my heart that You love me Lord Jesus and Mama Mary and I am ready to open my heart and my life to you. More importantly, I ask You Lord Jesus to open my heart, which I lift up to you in praise right now. We glorify your name Lord Jesus and worship you alone. And from the depths of my heart, I lift up my life to You Lord Jesus because I know that You alone can rescue me.

My worst nightmares have come true and yet I am still here, alive and amazed. My dreams have also come true and for both times, I am grateful because Your promise is true Lord Jesus. You will never leave us Lord Jesus and you will be with us until the day we leave this earth and meet you someday only You know. And so I pray that as I continue on this voyage, that love will be my center, faith will be my shield, and hope will be a constant part of my life. Lord Jesus, I trust in you. I believe that You will never leave us. Thank You Jesus and Mary.

Precious blood of Jesus, Save us. Immaculate Heart of Mary, Pray for us. Sacred Heart of Jesus, Have Mercy on us. Amen.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Ask and you shall receive...

Thank God for answered prayers...
Thank God for answering prayers I have not even uttered...
Thank God for answering prayers in His time...
Thank God for answering prayers that weren't even mine...
Thank God for answering prayers.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Lord, teach us to pray...

R: Alleluia, alleluia
You have received a spirit of adoption as sons through which we cry: Abba! Father!
R: Alleluia, alleluia

Luke 11:1-4
1 Jesus was praying in a certain place, and when he had finished, one of his disciples said to him, “Lord, teach us to pray just as John taught his disciples.” 2 He said to them, “When you pray, say: Father, hallowed be your name, your kingdom come. 3 Give us each day our daily bread 4 and forgive us our sins for we ourselves forgive everyone in debt to us, and do not subject us to the final test.”

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

God is My Provider & My Healer

I haven't written my feelings for a while now so I think I'll give it a shot today. I have a bunch of projects waiting to be finished and I'm stressing a bit about them but I'm thinking to myself, I should probably give myself some time to "relax and sit at the foot of Jesus" just like it says in today's Gospel reflections.

I just had the worst night ever. I woke up at about 3am feeling a great big cramp on both arms because I joined an aerobics class last night and kind of overdid it, as I'm wont to do. I just said out loud, "Oh well, my fault" and then I realize that it's no longer helping me, this blame game. It's been going on for far too long and most of the time I point my very own fingers at myself anyway so I'm thinking, what's the point?

Going back to my "worst night ever" (lol. such drama.), I could barely move my arms let alone get back to sleep. Well, I can move them but they sure were heavy. Like I was lifting a couple of pails. And now I feel like Jill. Where on earth is Jack when you need him. lol. Seriously, all I could do was pray for deliverance and so I called on Jesus and Mama Mary and St. Joseph and our Heavenly Father, even though it was embarrassing for me after all the complaining I've been doing the past few... I don't know.

The good news is God does forgive. And He is loving. And he took away that awful, horrible pain in my arms. And I slept like a baby after that. I woke up feeling sluggish but refreshed and very, very hungry. I'm going through a crisis right now but I'm no longer that alarmed. I have no money for food, not even a piece of bread but I know now that God will never leave my side. Jesus is with me no matter what and He will take care of my needs.

I've been wracking my head for the best way to serve Jesus and Mama Mary like maybe build houses or take care of street children but now I realize that we are not called to do big things just to serve God. Every little thing I do to help a fellow human being is enough for Jesus and He never asked me to go to Africa to feed little children or build houses for the homeless here in Cebu. All He really wants is for me to never stray from Him. And I guess that is what Mama Mary wants me to do too.

I've been trying so hard to do so many things which I thought was so important. And I've been complaining A LOT because I feel so helpless, like I have not done my share to help others. In a way that is true but in a way that is also a lie. I just feel so helpless watching my grandma suffer not knowing how to alleviate her suffering and ease her pain. And so I immerse myself in my work, hoping that I can get away from that feeling of helplessness. I just want to take her pain away. My greatest fear right now, I guess, is losing her. I feel like I am useless because I can't heal her. I pray every day with her and for her but it seems that there is no improvement. And then I look up and see Jesus pointing towards his Sacred Heart and Mama Mary's hands folded in prayer and I realize that if I truly love my Lola, I would help her any way I could.

And so I say goodbye for now, hoping and praying for a miracle. I just need to know that I am helping. But I want it to be something concrete and not just money because I don't have any right now. I offer this prayer for my Lola.

Lord Jesus, I offer this prayer for my Lola Mary. Please ease her suffering and take her pain away. Guide me and use me to serve and love her more. Teach me the value of love, obedience, respect and true humility so that I can help ease her suffering. Show me Lord Jesus how I can help Lola and I will do it. This I ask in Jesus' name. Amen.

Mama Mary, Queen of all saints, pray for us. Amen.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Prayers Taught by Our Lady

Prayers Taught by Our Lady

O my Jesus, forgive us, save us from the fire of hell.
Lead all souls to heaven,
especially those who are most in need.

O Jesus, it is for love of You,
for the conversion of sinners,
and in reparation for the sins committed
against the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Why We Need To Pray...

Like Jesus, we need to pray fervently before we make any major decisions in our lives so that we will be guided by God to make the right one.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Jesus Christ: A New Commandment -- Love One Another

Now I give you a new commandment: love one another. Just as I have loved you, you also must love one another. By this, everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.

-- John 13:34-35

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Life Isn't Always What It Seems

When we look at other people's lives, we think they are so blessed. However, if we walked a mile in their shoes, we would probably realize that it's not actually a bed of roses.

- Rosie & Misty

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What is Divine Mercy?

Saint Maria Faustina Kowalska


The years Sr. Faustina spent at the convent were filled with extraordinary gifts, such as revelations, visions, hidden stigmata, participation in the Passion of the Lord, the gift of bilocation, the reading of human souls, the gift of prophecy, and the rare gift of mystical engagement and marriage.
The living relationship with God, the Blessed Mother, the angels, the saints, the souls in Purgatory — with the entire supernatural world — was as equally real for her as was the world she perceived with her senses. In spite of being so richly endowed with extraordinary graces, Sr. Maria Faustina knew that they do not in fact constitute sanctity. In her Diary she wrote:
"Neither graces, nor revelations, nor raptures, nor gifts granted to a soul make it perfect, but rather the intimate union of the soul with God. These gifts are merely ornaments of the soul, but constitute neither its essence nor its perfection. My sanctity and perfection consist in the close union of my will with the will of God."

Monday, July 25, 2011

Only God’s Love is Perfect

I would like to share this new post from SoulFood by Bo Sanchez which I find truly inspiring.

Allow God To Love You As You Are

This part really struck me because it hit close to home. It's about God's love and loving God.

For the longest time I thought we had to please God in order to gain His love. Was I wrong!

According to Bo, you should "Allow God To Love You As You Are." Isn't that amazing?

He says:

"Let me shock you. Holiness isn’t primarily about loving God. That’s only a response. Almost like a side effect.

People think holiness is about praying, attending church, or reading the Bible. All that is important. But holiness is not about doing something, but allowing something to happen to you.

Holiness isn’t about working for God. It’s about God working in you. Holiness isn’t about loving God. Holiness is about God loving you.

People think Saints are people who love God. Actually, they’re people who allow God to love them. And loving God just follows automatically.

Because you can’t give what you don’t have.

St. Francis is my favorite saint. And one of my favorite stories of St. Francis was when he was walking with his friend Brother Leo.

While walking through a field of flowers, all of a sudden, without any warning, Francis covered his ears and started running out, all the while screaming, “Stop talking to me!”

Alarmed, Brother Leo ran after him.

Finally, he saw Francis sitting by a rock, catching his breath. Leo asked him, “Master, who was talking to you? I didn’t hear anyone!”

Francis said, “The flowers. They were talking to me.”

Brother Leo’s jaw dropped. The flowers? Has his leader gone loco? He asked a foolish question, “Brother Francis, what did the flowers say?”

Francis was a Saint because everywhere he looked, he saw God loving him.

I repeat: Saints are Saints because they know how to receive God’s Love.  And they allow that love to overwhelm them, overpower them, and transform their lives forever."

I think it's awesome how this answers my previous post about total surrender. It truly is about GRACE. And It's about LOVE most of all. Not our love, but God's love, which is perfect. Isn't that the best news ever?

Friday, June 24, 2011

Does Anyone Know the Way to Total Surrender?

This question has been haunting me for 3 or 4 years now and I still don't know the answer.

It's very distracting, not knowing the answer. It's a bit like running around without direction. Not so funny image in my head right now... a headless chicken running around without any direction. And I mean the not so funny part.

This is really bothering me. I would love to hear some stories or some answers. I hope I find what I'm searching for because this is really giving me a lot of headaches and sleepless nights.

I am grateful. Please don't get me wrong Lord Jesus. I kind of get the feeling that the answer is staring me right in my face but for some reason it's like a sea mist... disappearing just as I'm about to reach out and touch it. Words can't describe it. This is sheer torture. I don't know what to make of this anymore.

It's like I'm scared to death but at the same time very excited. Does that make sense? It sure does not to me!

Sigh! I wish I could get just one hour with you Lord Jesus, maybe I need some scolding or something. At least that's how I feel. But I know that You are such a loving God that You would never want me to suffer without reason. Maybe I'm just punishing myself for something that should've been buried long ago.

Time to shut down, I think. Must be doing too much thinking again. Nothing new. Oh well. At least work is going well once more. Thank You Jesus. I just wish the rest of my life would fall into place soon. Time, please be I wish I could take back some of the things I've said and done Lord Jesus Christ but this is probably part of my journey.

Thank God for Music. And Work. And FAMILY & FRIENDS. I would be lost without them. Especially the last two. Whew! Enough for now. I love You Lord Jesus and I always will. Thank You so much for Loving me first. Praise You for everything You Are and all that you have given me. I love You Jesus. Nyt nyt for now. :)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


“He will guide you to all truth.” – John 16:13

One day, I was preaching about the power of our words. I asked my audience to say out loud, “I’m beautiful!” After the talk, I saw a young beautiful woman waiting for me at the foot of the stage. But I sensed deep sadness in her eyes. She asked me, “Bro. Bo, if one says I’m beautiful but I feel ugly, isn’t she lying?” I asked, “Why do you think you’re ugly?” She told me her story. When she was a little child, her father would tell her, “Dorothy, you’re ugly.” And he’d laugh the meanest laugh. She said, “Since then, I’ve always felt ugly.” I asked her, “Define lying.” “When I say something that’s not true.” “We’ve got a problem here. You say you’re ugly. Your father said you were ugly. But today, I announce to you that God says you’re beautiful. Who is telling the truth? You, your father or God? Only one of you claimed, ‘I Am the Truth.’” She broke down. Dorothy allowed the words of her father to create ugliness in her life. She jumped from one lover to another, searching for someone to tell her that she was beautiful. But the truth is in God — who created all of us beautiful.

Bo Sanchez (

REFLECTION: Are you allowing lies to rule your life?

Lord, help me to always trust in Your truth.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Good Shepherd Sunday Reflections

Today is Good Shepherd Sunday. The Psalm passage is my favorite.


Psalms 23:1-3, 3-4, 5, 6
R: The Lord is my shepherd; there is nothing I shall want.
1 The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want. 2 In verdant pastures he gives me repose; beside restful waters he leads me; 3 he refreshes my soul. (R) He guides me in right paths for his name’s sake. 4 Even though I walk in the dark valley I fear no evil; for you are at my side with your rod and your staff that give me courage. (R) 5 You spread the table before me in the sight of my foes; you anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows. (R) 6 Only goodness and kindness follow me all the days of my life; and I shall dwell in the house of the LORD for years to come. (R)

The second reading is just as moving. A gentle reminder of our return to our Good Shepherd, our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.


It is interesting to study the nature and dynamic of a flock of sheep. I come from a country where flocks of sheep can number in the tens of thousands, something that would not have really been in the mind of the Gospel writers of Jesus’ time where flocks were probably more like 20–50 sheep in size! However, there are some aspects of small flocks that still hold true for big flocks. One of these is that if you can get a few to move in a particular direction, very often the rest will follow. This is an important dynamic to understand if we want to be able to provide an example for the many through a small group. This is an important aspect of evangelization – one that is becoming ever more important considering the size of the task of evangelization today.

1 Peter 2:20-25
20 Beloved: If you are patient when you suffer for doing what is good, this is a grace before God. 21 For to this you have been called, because Christ also suffered for you, leaving you an example that you should follow in his footsteps. 22 “He committed no sin, and no deceit was found in his mouth.”  23 When he was insulted, he returned no insult; when he suffered, he did not threaten; instead, he handed himself over to the one who judges justly. 24 He himself bore our sins in his body upon the cross, so that, free from sin, we might live for righteousness. By his wounds you have been healed. 25 For you had gone astray like sheep, but you have now returned to the shepherd and guardian of your souls.

Thank you Jesus for this gentle reminder that you will always be the guardian and lover of our souls. May we always adore and praise and worship and honor and love You Lord Jesus Christ, our Saviour and friend. Our Good Shepherd. Praise You Jesus. Thank You Jesus. Amen.

GOSPEL -- Good Shepherd Sunday

R: Alleluia, alleluia
I am the good shepherd, says the Lord; I know my sheep, and mine know me.
R: Alleluia, alleluia

John 10:1-10
1 Jesus said: “Amen, amen, I say to you, whoever does not enter a sheepfold through the gate but climbs over elsewhere is a thief and a robber. 2 But whoever enters through the gate is the shepherd of the sheep. 3 The gatekeeper opens it for him, and the sheep hear his voice, as he calls his own sheep by name and leads them out. 4 When he has driven out all his own, he walks ahead of them, and the sheep follow him, because they recognize his voice. 5 But they will not follow a stranger; they will run away from him, because they do not recognize the voice of strangers.” 6 Although Jesus used this figure of speech, they did not realize what he was trying to tell them. 7 So Jesus said again, “Amen, amen, I say to you, I am the gate for the sheep. 8 All who came before me are thieves and robbers, but the sheep did not listen to them. 9 I am the gate. Whoever enters through me will be saved, and will come in and go out and find pasture. 10 A thief comes only to steal and slaughter and destroy; I came so that they might have life and have it more abundantly.”

my reflections
t h i n k : I f you can get a few to move in a particular direction, very often the rest will follow. This is an important aspect of evangelization.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

G O S P E L - Why We Need the Grace of God

Nothing good happens in the world without the grace of God being responsible for it. Our sinfulness has damaged our capacity for communion and relationship with one another and God in such a way that we absolutely need the grace of God in order to be able to do good. Let us pray for the grace to accept this as true and then seek ways to strengthen our faith in God so that we will more readily trust in His will for our lives.
Ezra 1-5
R: Alleluia, alleluia
I am the living bread that came down from heaven, says the Lord; whoever eats this bread will live forever.
R: Alleluia, alleluia
John 6:44-51
44 Jesus said to the crowds: “No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draw him, and I will raise him on the last day. 45It is written in the prophets: ‘They shall all be taught by God.’ Everyone who listens to my Father and learns from him comes to me. 46 Not that anyone has seen the Father except the one who is from God; he has seen the Father. 47 Amen, amen, I say to you, whoever believes has eternal life. 48 I am the bread of life. 49 Your ancestors ate the manna in the desert, but they died; 50 this is the bread that comes down from heaven so that one may eat it and not die. 51 I am the living bread that came down from heaven; whoever eats this bread will live forever; and the bread that I will give is my flesh for the life of the world.”
my reflections
t h i n k : W e need to be busy doing the things that God wants us to be doing.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Our Lord Jesus Christ's Death on The Cross -- The Ultimate Lesson in Obedience


The Passion of Christ according to John seems to have the ability to draw me into its dramatic reality to a greater degree than the Synoptics. Why this is the case, I do not know. However, on this day, it is a great benefit to be able to identify or understand the depth of all that Christ has done in order to appreciate the gift of salvation in its fullness. One of the great sins of a consumer-driven age is forgetting to be grateful for what we have. We are seemingly driven to desire and get more and more things and we forget what we have and we even forget that we are offered the gift of salvation, the forgiveness of our sins, free of charge! This is the greatest gift we can ever receive; let us never forget this truth.

Christ became obedient to the point of death, even death on a cross. Because of this, God greatly exalted him and bestowed on him the name which is above every other name.

John 18:1-19:42
1 Jesus went out with his disciples across the Kidron valley to where there was a garden, into which he and his disciples entered. 2 Judas his betrayer also knew the place, because Jesus had often met there with his disciples. 3 So Judas got a band of soldiers and guards from the chief priests and the Pharisees and went there with lanterns, torches, and weapons. 4 Jesus, knowing everything that was going to happen to him, went out and said to them, “Whom are you looking for?” 5 They answered him, “Jesus the Nazorean.” He said to them, “I AM.” Judas his betrayer was also with them. 6 When he said to them, “I AM,” they turned away and fell to the ground. 7 So he again asked them, “Whom are you looking for?” They said, “Jesus the Nazorean.” 8 Jesus answered, “I told you that I AM. So if you are looking for me, let these men go.” 9 This was to fulfill what he had said, “I have not lost any of those you gave me.” 10 Then Simon Peter, who had a sword, drew it, struck the high priest’s slave, and cut off his right ear. The slave’s name was Malchus. 11 Jesus said to Peter, “Put your sword into its scabbard. Shall I not drink the cup that the Father gave me?” 12 So the band of soldiers, the tribune, and the Jewish guards seized Jesus, bound him, 13 and brought him to Annas first. He was the father-in-law of Caiaphas, who was high priest that year. 14 It was Caiaphas who had counseled the Jews that it was better that one man should die rather than the people. 15 Simon Peter and another disciple followed Jesus. Now the other disciple was known to the high priest, and he entered the courtyard of the high priest with Jesus. 16 But Peter stood at the gate outside. So the other disciple, the acquaintance of the high priest, went out and spoke to the gatekeeper and brought Peter in. 17 Then the maid who was the gatekeeper said to Peter, “You are not one of this man’s disciples, are you?” He said, “I am not.” 18 Now the slaves and the guards were standing around a charcoal fire that they had made, because it was cold, and were warming themselves. Peter was also standing there keeping warm. 19 The high priest questioned Jesus about his disciples and about his doctrine. 20 Jesus answered him, “I have spoken publicly to the world. I have always taught in a synagogue or in the temple area where all the Jews gather, and in secret I have said nothing. 21 Why ask me? Ask those who heard me what I said to them. They know what I said.” 22 When he had said this, one of the temple guards standing there struck Jesus and said, “Is this the way you answer the high priest?” 23 Jesus answered him, “If I have spoken wrongly, testify to the wrong; but if I have spoken rightly, why do you strike me?” 24 Then Annas sent him bound to Caiaphas the high priest. 25 Now Simon Peter was standing there keeping warm. And they said to him, “You are not one of his disciples, are you?” He denied it and said, “I am not.” 26 One of the slaves of the high priest, a relative of the one whose ear Peter had cut off, said, “Didn’t I see you in the garden with him?” 27 Again Peter denied it. And immediately the cock crowed. 28 Then they brought Jesus from Caiaphas to the praetorium. It was morning. And they themselves did not enter the praetorium, in order not to be defiled so that they could eat the Passover. 29 So Pilate came out to them and said, “What charge do you bring against this man?” 30 They answered and said to him, “If he were not a criminal, we would not have handed him over to you.” 31 At this, Pilate said to them, “Take him yourselves, and judge him according to your law.” The Jews answered him, “We do not have the right to execute anyone,” 32 in order that the word of Jesus might be fulfilled that he said indicating the kind of death he would die. 33 So Pilate went back into the praetorium and summoned Jesus and said to him, “Are you the King of the Jews?” 34 Jesus answered, “Do you say this on your own or have others told you about me?” 35 Pilate answered, “I am not a Jew, am I? Your own nation and the chief priests handed you over to me. What have you done?” 36 Jesus answered, “My kingdom does not belong to this world. If my kingdom did belong to this world, my attendants would be fighting to keep me from being handed over to the Jews. But as it is, my kingdom is not here.” 37 So Pilate said to him, “Then you are a king?” Jesus answered, “You say I am a king. For this I was born and for this I came into the world, to testify to the truth. Everyone who belongs to the truth listens to my voice.” 38 Pilate said to him, “What is truth?” When he had said this, he again went out to the Jews and said to them, “I find no guilt in him. 39 But you have a custom that I release one prisoner to you at Passover. Do you want me to release to you the King of the Jews?” 40 They cried out again, “Not this one but Barabbas!” Now Barabbas was a revolutionary. 19: 1 Then Pilate took Jesus and had him scourged. 2 And the soldiers wove a crown out of thorns and placed it on his head, and clothed him in a purple cloak, 3 and they came to him and said, “Hail, King of the Jews!” And they struck him repeatedly 4 Once more Pilate went out and said to them, “Look, I am bringing him out to you, so that you may know that I find no guilt in him.” 5 So Jesus came out, wearing the crown of thorns and the purple cloak. And he said to them, “Behold, the man!” 6 When the chief priests and the guards saw him they cried out, “Crucify him, crucify him!” Pilate said to them, “Take him yourselves and crucify him. I find no guilt in him.” 7 The Jews answered, “We have a law, and according to that law he ought to die, because he made himself the Son of God.” 8 Now when Pilate heard this statement, he became even more afraid, 9 and went back into the praetorium and said to Jesus, “Where are you from?” Jesus did not answer him. 10 So Pilate said to him, “Do you not speak to me? Do you not know that I have power to release you and I have power to crucify you?” 11 Jesus answered [him], “You would have no power over me if it had not been given to you from above. For this reason the one who handed me over to you has the greater sin.” 12 Consequently, Pilate tried to release him; but the Jews cried out, “If you release him, you are not a Friend of Caesar. Everyone who makes himself a king opposes Caesar.” 13 When Pilate heard these words he brought Jesus out and seated him on the judge’s bench in the place called Stone Pavement, in Hebrew, Gabbatha. 14 It was preparation day for Passover, and it was about noon. And he said to the Jews, “Behold, your king!” 15 They cried out, “Take him away, take him away! Crucify him!” Pilate said to them, “Shall I crucify your king?” The chief priests answered, “We have no king but Caesar.” 16 Then he handed him over to them to be crucified. So they took Jesus, 17 and carrying the cross himself he went out to what is called the Place of the Skull, in Hebrew, Golgotha. 18 There they crucified him, and with him two others, one on either side, with Jesus in the middle. 19 Pilate also had an inscription written and put on the cross. It read, “Jesus the Nazorean, the King of the Jews.” 20 Now many of the Jews read this inscription, because the place where Jesus was crucified was near the city; and it was written in Hebrew, Latin, and Greek. 21 So the chief priests of the Jews said to Pilate, “Do not write ‘The King of the Jews,’ but that he said, ‘I am the King of the Jews.’ ” 22 Pilate answered, “What I have written, I have written.” 23 When the soldiers had crucified Jesus, they took his clothes and divided them into four shares, a share for each soldier. They also took his tunic, but the tunic was seamless, woven in one piece from the top down. 24 So they said to one another, “Let’s not tear it, but cast lots for it to seewhose it will be,” in order that the passage of scripture might be fulfilled  [that says]: “They divided my garments among them, and for my vesture they cast lots.” This is what the soldiers did. 25 Standing by the cross of Jesus were his mother and his mother’s sister, Mary the wife of Clopas, and Mary of Magdala. 26 When Jesus saw his mother and the disciple there whom he loved, he said to his mother, “Woman, behold, your son.” 27 Then he said to the disciple, “Behold, your mother.” And from that hour the disciple took her into his home. 28 After this, aware that everything was now finished, in order that the scripture might be fulfilled, Jesus said, “I thirst.” 29 There was a vessel filled with common wine. So they put a sponge soaked in wine on a sprig of hyssop and put it up to his mouth. 30 When Jesus had taken the wine, he said, “It is finished.” And bowing his head, he handed over the spirit. 31 Now since it was preparation day, in order that the bodies might not remain on the cross on the sabbath, for the sabbath day of that week was a solemn one, the Jews asked Pilate that their legs be broken and they be taken down. 32 So the soldiers came and broke the legs of the first and then of the other one who was crucified with Jesus. 33 But when they came to Jesus and saw that he was already dead, they did not break his legs, 34 but one soldier thrust his lance into his side, and immediately blood and water flowed out. 35 An eyewitness has testified, and his testimony is true; he knows that he is speaking the truth, so that you also may [come to] believe. 36 For this happened so that the scripture passage might be fulfilled: “Not a bone of it will be broken.” 37 And again another passage says: “They will look upon him whom they have pierced.” 38 After this, Joseph of Arimathea, secretly a disciple of Jesus for fear of the Jews, asked Pilate if he could remove the body of Jesus. And Pilate permitted it. So he came and took his body. 39 Nicodemus, the one who had first come to him at night, also came bringing a mixture of myrrh and aloes weighing about one hundred pounds. 40 They took the body of Jesus and bound it with burial cloths along with the spices, according to the Jewish burial custom. 41 Now in the place where he had been crucified there was a garden, and in the garden a new tomb, in which no one had yet been buried. 42 So they laid Jesus there because of the Jewish preparation day; for the tomb was close by.

my reflections
t h i n k : We are offered the gift of salvation, the forgiveness of our sins, free of charge! This is the greatest gift we can ever receive; let us never forget this truth.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Jesus Christ: Love one another as I have loved you

I give you a new commandment, says the Lord: love one another as I have loved you.

John 13:1-15 (or Luke 4:16-21)
1 Before the feast of Passover, Jesus knew that his hour had come to pass from this world to the Father. He loved his own in the world and he loved them to the end. 2 The devil had already induced Judas, son of Simon the Iscariot, to hand him over. So, during supper, 3 fully aware that the Father had put everything into his power and that he had come from God and was returning to God, 4 he rose from supper and took off his outer garments. He took a towel and tied it around his waist. 5 Then he poured water into a basin and began to wash the disciples’ feet and dry them with the towel around his waist. 6 He came to Simon Peter, who said to him, “Master,  you going to wash my feet?” 7 Jesus answered and said to him, “What I am doing, you do not understand now, but you will understand later.” 8 Peter said to him, “You will never wash my feet.” Jesus answered him, “Unless I wash you, you will have no inheritance with me.” 9 Simon Peter said to him, “Master, then not only my feet, but my hands and head as well.” 10 Jesus said to him, “Whoever has bathed has no need except to have his feet washed, for he is clean all over; so you are clean, but not all.” 11 For he knew who would betray him; for this reason, he said, “Not all of you are clean.” 12 So when he had washed their feet [and] put his garments back on and reclined at table again, he said to them, “Do you realize what I have done for you? 13 You call me ‘teacher’ and ‘master,’ and rightly so, for indeed I am. 14 If I, therefore, the master and teacher, have washed your feet, you ought to wash one another’s feet. 15 I have given you a model to follow, so that as I have done for you, you should also do.”

my reflections
t h i n k : Jesus demonstrates that true leadership unequivocally has service at its base, and service in its more menial understanding.

Our blessing-cup is a communion with the Blood of Christ


Psalms 116:12-13, 15-16, 17-18 (or Psalms 89:21-22, 25, 27)
R: Our blessing-cup is a communion with the Blood of Christ.
12 How shall I make a return to the LORD for all the good he has done for me? 13 The cup of salvation I will take up, and I will call upon the name of the LORD. (R) 15 Precious in the eyes of the LORD is the death of his faithful ones. 16 I am your servant, the son of your handmaid; you have loosed my bonds. (R) 17 To you will I offer sacrifice of thanksgiving, and I will call upon the name of the LORD. 18 My vows to the LORD I will pay in the presence of all his people, (R)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Honesty, Growth & Moving On

I think I can honestly say that I'm finally ready to move on. Crisis averted, I hope.

This is a small breakthrough cuz I've been looking back and wasted so much time on regrets and could've beens that I failed to appreciate the blessings that are right in front of me this whole time.

My family, for one. I never thought I'd say this but I missed them! Where on earth was I the past 17 years? Have I really been too self-involved? Too caught up in my own problems that I never realized that I already have awesome cousins who are so much fun to chill with. That I have a loving nephew who would've grown up right next door but I missed most of his growing years. That my family truly loves me and wants the best for me.

My friends are such gems too. They know me inside out. They know when to come calling and when to back off and give me space. Now I realize how truly blessed I am. Family and friends who truly love us? Thank God for sending these loving people into my life!

And my work, such bliss. I have a lot of fun, the toughies become biggies because of the affirmation that my workmates and clients offer. This is perhaps a sign that I truly have moved on. True, it was painful leaving two of the best companies that I've ever worked at, with people who I truly love. But looking back now, I guess I lost nothing but time. And I am determined to make up for that.

Another realization, time is something that, once lost, can never be taken back. So I'm taking back Sunday, and Monday, and Tuesday, and Wednesday, and Thursday, and Friday, and Saturday. Thank God for Holy Week and Easter. A time for meditation and reflection. This is one opportunity that I'm not passing up on.

And so as I head off to dreamy land, I look forward to a new day. And a new week. And a new month. And a new year. Most of all, I look forward to a new me. Very excited here. Praise God for new beginnings. Amen. :)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

God is in control - Avalon - English Subtitled

Perfect Ending to a Perfect Day

Dear Kristina,

You've grown so much! It's wonderful to see all the changes that have happened in your life through the years.

Celebrating your victory,  

P.S. You make my day, Kristina. Keep growing. Heaven will be so exciting because you'll continue to grow there too.

Thank you Jesus. Praise you Jesus. :)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Blessed is Your Name

What is your name? What does it mean?

Kristina - follower of Christ. (Wow!)
Thank You, Lord, for the wonder of my name. In Your holy name, I am blessed. Amen.

Gospel: Jesus, the Great I AM


The Jews are too concerned with this physical life in the world. Jesus is speaking here of eternal realities of which they seemingly know very little. It is time for them to look beyond the immediate worries of their lives and begin to position themselves for the goal of eternal life. Only from this perspective will they begin to understand the teachings of Jesus and be inclined to accept His message.

If today you hear his voice, harden not your hearts.

John 8:51-59
51 Jesus said to the Jews: “Amen, amen, I say to you, whoever keeps my word will never see death.” 52 [So] the Jews said to him, “Now we are sure that you are possessed. Abraham died, as did the prophets, yet you say, ‘Whoever keeps my word will never taste death.’ 53 Are you greater than our father Abraham, who died? Or the prophets, who died? Who do you make yourself out to be?” 54 Jesus answered, “If I glorify myself, my glory is worth nothing; but it is my Father who glorifies me, of whom you say, ‘He is our God.’ 55 You do not know him, but I know him. And if I should say that I do not know him, I would  be like you a liar. But I do know him and I keep his word. 56 Abraham your father rejoiced to see my day; he saw it and was glad. 57 So the Jews said to him, “You are not yet fifty years old and you have seen Abraham?” 58 Jesus said to them, “Amen, amen, I say to you, before Abraham came to be, I AM.” 59 So they picked up stones to throw at him; but Jesus hid and went out of the temple area.

my reflections
t h i n k : Let us seek to be sons and daughters of Abraham by being men and women of faith.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Gospel: "The Truth Will Set You Free"


In many ways, I think John 8:31-32, the start of our Gospel Reading today, is the heart of John’s Gospel as it draws together so many of the themes of the Gospel – abiding in God’s Word, truth, freedom, discipleship, learning and so on. Let us pray for the grace to abide or live in God’s Word so that the truth will always be a part of our life and consequently true freedom as well. This is what a disciple’s life should look like.

Blessed are they who have kept the word with a generous heart and yield a harvest through perseverance.

John 8:31-42
31 Jesus then said to those Jews who believed in him, “If you remain in my word, you will truly be my disciples, 32and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” 33 They answered him, “We are descendants of Abraham and have never been enslaved to anyone. How can you say, ‘You will become free’?” 34 Jesus answered them, “Amen, amen, I say to you, everyone who commits sin is a slave of sin. 35 A slave does not remain in a household forever, but a son always remains. 36 So if a son frees you, then you will truly be free. 37 I know that you are descendants of Abraham. But you are trying to kill me, because my word has no room among you. 38 I tell you what I have seen in the Father’s presence; then do what you have heard from the Father.” 39 They answered and said to him, “Our father is Abraham.” Jesus said to them, “If you were Abraham’s children, you would be doing the works of Abraham. 40But now you are trying to kill me, a man who has told you the truth that I heard from God; Abraham did not do this.41 You are doing the works of your father!” So they said to him, “We are not illegitimate. We have one Father, God.” 42 Jesus said to them, “If God were your Father, you would love me, for I came from God and am here; I did not come on my own, but he sent me.”

my reflections
t h i n k : This is the benefit of living a holy life – you will actually look forward to and embrace death as the beginning of a new and better life.

Monday, March 14, 2011

How To Enjoy Your Wealth from Bo Sanchez

I read this today and thought it's worth sharing. This is from Bo Sanchez, one of my mentors. The topic is quite interesting and he's managed to make it even more so. Clap clap!
How To Enjoy Your Wealth
For 3 weeks, I’ve been sharing a 4-part series on money. 
Here’s my last installment: How to Enjoy Wealth.
Before I tell you how, here are two Bible passages about enjoying your wealth.
Ecclesiastes 5:19 says, If God gives a man wealth and property and lets him enjoy them, he should be grateful and enjoy what he has worked for. It is a gift from God.
Some are surprised by that passage.
Here’s one more...
Sirach 14:5 says, How can you be generous with others if you are stingy with yourself, if you are not willing to enjoy your own wealth?  No one is worse off than someone who is stingy with himself; it is a sin that brings its own punishment.
Yes, God wants you to enjoy your wealth.
But you’ve got to enjoy it in a particular way.
What way? 
God’s way!
Remember These 3 Investments
I’ve mentioned this before, but I need to say it again. Divide your money into three investments:
Step 1: Invest 10% in your Eternity
Step 2: Invest 20% in your Maturity
Step 3: Invest 70% in your Family
In reality, everything is an investment.
Step 1: Invest 10% in your Eternity. You’re a spiritual being. You will live forever. When you tithe, you’re declaring you’re merely passing this world and that Heaven is your future home.
Step 2: Invest 20% in your Maturity. Your biggest expense isn’t your car or your home. Your biggest expense is your retirement. You don’t want to grow old and poor. You don’t even want to grow old and rich. (Believe me, thats not fun too.) You want to grow old, rich, and generous.
Step 3: Invest 70% in your Family. Don’t invest in things. Invest in people. Don’t invest in stuff. Invest in relationships. Because the best investment in the world isn’t bonds, stocks, oil, silver, or gold. The best investment in the world is love.
Let me now give you my 3 rules on enjoying wealth God’s way.
(To continue reading Bo's inspiring article, click here.)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

An OMG Moment -- Tonight's Answered Prayer

Dear Kristina,

There is a last stage in your spiritual life: To become a beggar-farmer. That’s when you come full circle. What does it mean to be a beggar-farmer?

When you hold your bountiful harvest in your hand, you realize how
everything—even the fruit of your labor—still comes from Me.

Go deep,

P.S. Kristina, at the end of the day, nothing belongs to you. Everything is a blessing—whether seeds or fruits. And you give it all back to Me.

Wow! That was quick. Thank you God! Yay! My bountiful harvest, I give back to you Lord Jesus. Thank you Jesus. Praise you Jesus. Amen.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

This is our God the Servant King


Self-promotion may be an important means of moving ahead in the world but it is anathema in the Kingdom of God. The heart of the life of a disciple of Jesus is humility. Until we are able to lose our self-interest, it is not possible to progress in holiness. It is no mistake that this teaching of Jesus immediately follows one of the predictions of His Passion. It is in His Passion that we see the depth of the humility of Jesus, His willingness to embrace even death on a cross, and thus we learn humility’s central role in the life of discipleship and obedience to the will of God.

R: Alleluia, alleluia
The Son of Man came to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.
R: Alleluia, alleluia

Mark 10:32-45
32 The disciples were on the way, going up to Jerusalem, and Jesus went ahead of them. They were amazed, and those who followed were afraid. Taking the Twelve aside again, he began to tell them what was going to happen to him. 33 “Behold, we are going up to Jerusalem, and the Son of Man will be handed over to the chief priests and the scribes, and they will condemn him to death and hand him over to the Gentiles 34 who will mock him, spit upon him, scourge him, and put him to death, but after three days he will rise.” 35 Then James and John, the sons of Zebedee, came to him and said to him, “Teacher, we want you to do for us whatever we ask of you.” 36 He replied, “What do you wish me to do for you?” 37 They answered him, “Grant that in your glory we may sit one at your right and the other at your left.” 38 Jesus said to them, “You do not know what you are asking. Can you drink the cup that I drink or be baptized with the baptism with which I am
baptized?” 39 They said to him, “We can.” Jesus said to them, “The cup that I drink, you will drink, and with the baptism with which I am baptized, you will be baptized; 40 but to sit at my right or at my left is not mine to give but is for those for whom it has been prepared.” 41 When the ten heard this, they became indignant at James and John. 42 Jesus summoned them and said to them, “You know that those who are recognized as rulers over the Gentiles lord it over them, and their great ones make their authority over them felt. 43 But it shall not be so among you. Rather, whoever wishes to be great among you will be your servant; 44 whoever wishes to be first among you will be the slave of all. 45 For the Son of Man did not come to be served but to serve and to give his life as a ransom for many.”

my reflections
t h i n k : We need to learn to entrust our needs to the Lord and so give Him the opportunity to demonstrate His eternal faithfulness to us.

Friday, February 18, 2011


I got this from today's gospel reflection, God's message for me c/o Kerygma Family or KFam. I really love the message and thought it was worth sharing. I hope you love this message too.

I must confess that sometimes I watch the two reality shows on primetime TV, Pinoy Big Brother and Pinoy Dream Academy. I try to draw out some true-to-life examples to spice my homilies a bit.
As I reflect on the first reading and the Gospel for today (Genesis 11:1-9 and Mark 8:14-9:1), the acronym PDA keeps on flashing in my mind. In the light of both readings, PDA may stand for three other things.
PDA may mean PLEASE DON’T ASPIRE. This is the warning sounded to us by the first reading. While there are things we may guiltlessly aspire for, there are also those we simply must never dream about. When something is either directly against God or incongruent to God’s ways, we should heed the warning: Please Don’t Aspire.
PDA may also stand for PUT DREAMS ASIDE. We may have good dreams, even holy ones, but sometimes — and to the confusion of our very limited human minds — God asks us to put those good and holy dreams aside. Our identity as Christians puts the mystery of the cross right at the very center of our life. Our cross can take the excruciating form of putting our dreams aside so that other’s dream and, ultimately, God’s dream may come true. It is another way of dying to ourselves — the essence of today’s Gospel.
Finally, PDA may also mean PLEASE DREAM AGAIN. It is not bad to have dreams, even big, ambitious dreams, provided that they or the means to achieve them are not evil. Dream. Dream. Dream. God wants us to dream with Him, not apart from Him; to dream and work for it, not apart from Him but always in Him, with Him, and through Him. And when we fail, we should pick up our dreams and dream again. PDA — Please Dream Again or, better yet, Please Dream Always. Fr. Bobby Titco

Reflection Question:
P – Pray. It teaches you what to dream for and how to make it come true.
D – Discern. It tells you when God needs you to put your dreams aside.
A – Act. Don’t just dream. Wake up and make your dream come true!

Educate my dreams, O Lord. Teach me what to dream and how to make it come true. Christify my dreams, O Lord. Help me dream as You dream: ready to sacrifice myself for others when needed. Grant my dreams, O Lord. Bless my initiative and sustain me in my efforts in cooperating with Your grace to make my dreams come true. Amen.

Blessed William Harrington, pray for us.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Our Purpose -- Jesus Christ

We are not here to prove God answers prayers. We are here to be living monuments of God's Grace.

What a faithful God have I. How awesome is the Lord. Praise you Jesus. Thank you Jesus. Amen. :)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Value of Obedience

Obedience... such a simple word yet filled with age old meaning that goes way back, right to the creation of the world. Living a life of no regrets is kind of hard but trying to do it has taught me one thing -- as human beings we tend to act exactly like our ancestors, Adam and Eve. Headstrong, stubborn and disobedient with lots of excuses piled one on top of the other, ready to give to our Maker for mistakes and sins that we commit out of freewill. This makes me shake my head in wonder at how forgiving and loving our God truly is. After all our excuses and lame alibis, He always forgives then forgets our trespasses. He doesn't even list them down or make a mental note. He accepts us just as we are, flaws and all, and that is enough to make me cry both tears of joy and sadness.

I want to cry tears of joy because learning from the Father about love is like learning from a virtuoso. He's the penultimate expert on giving love. He doesn't even demand anything from us in return. He just wants us to be the best we can be and love one another. I keep forgetting about the new commandments. There were two after all. Love God above all and love one another as we love ourselves. This kind of gives me some pause because the way I've been acting lately, with the childish pouting and occasional lashing out against myself or my family and yes, even against Jesus and Mama Mary is alarming. But then as the night ends and a new day dawns I am filled with hope once more. Sometimes though I just wish I no longer had to sleep. That way I could serve more and do more and give more and save more.

Save more what? I wish I could say souls. I've been too preoccupied with saving money that I forgot my real purpose -- to serve God above all through my family and neighbors. That's the best way of showing love for our Creator, our God who never gives up on any of us, no matter how wicked me may become, no matter what path we choose, no matter where we end up -- in the gutter or worse. He's always there, gently guiding us, slowly prodding us on, miraculously touching our lives to make us realize that we were born to love and that we are stronger than we think we are.

I also realized that obedience truly is the key to our salvation. Had Adam and Eve obeyed the instructions of God our Father while they were still in Paradise, we would have avoided the whole mess and stain of original sin. Good thing we have our baptism to erase that sin but somehow as we grow older, we start fighting our destiny, which is Heaven, of course. And little by little we build walls, we wear masks, we hide from our Lord and Saviour, forgetting that He became one of us simply to save us from our sins. He who was without sin carried the world on his shoulders -- our cross -- without any qualms, without complaints. Worse, He was nailed to that same cross, tortured purely out of love. I see no greater gift than that. I hear this voice in my head now "How Deep the Father's Love for us... and The Father turns His face away" as Jesus was nailed on the cross and died there for our salvation.

This instils in me a sense of urgency, a reason for living and serving, which I hope will continue to spur me on to action day after day. I’ve always heard that indifference and apathy is worse than hatred. Now I understand why. There is such a thin line that separates love from hatred that not caring at all is the worst thing that could happen to a person. Because not caring means you’re no longer involved and you no longer want to be. You don’t give a care what others are going through and for me that is worse than any evil or wicked thing the enemy has planted here on earth.

Obedience is the key to our salvation. I can back that up with the story of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Imagine if she had refused God’s offer to be the mother of Jesus Christ, where would we be now? What would her Immaculate Conception have been for? This story plagues me to this day because I was once a rebel and I guess I’ll always have that in me. The complainer in me tells me it’s so hard to be obedient but one thing, no, someone makes me get up each morning wanting to be humble and patient and pure and wholly obedient to the Father’s will. And that is Mama Mary.

That’s why each night as I pray the Rosary, my mind wanders, I think about her life here on earth and I am filled with this longing to know more. As I pray my nightly prayers, I am reminded of the ultimate example of obedience – that of a Father to His Son – our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. His Yes to the Father was a total act of oblation, surrender and overflowing love not just for our Heavenly Father but for all of us. He loved us that much – He was willing to surrender His life for us. He stretched out His arms, which the Roman soldiers broke, and died the death of a condemned man. Everyone ridiculed Him. Even the enemy took advantage. Little did He know that God had a plan for us that was beyond anyone’s comprehension. And I sure am glad to have Jesus on my side. I can’t say this enough. We are all blessed to have Jesus with us and in us and working through us. With His Holy Spirit to guide us, how can we go wrong?

Yes, we still sin, so do I. We are human after all. But the message I got tonight from watching my favourite show (Glee) is this. God became human to save us. Why should we turn away from that infinitely awesome grace and love? Doesn’t it make more sense to accept this free gift that’s on the table, available for everyone. God wants all of us to go to Heaven so who are we to refuse His offer. I believe in God and I trust Him infinitely. But I know that I am still disobedient in some areas of my life.

Total surrender is what I’m longing for and yet I can barely get through resignation of spirit. I hope this makes sense. My point is that I am still holding on to some parts of my life, particularly my Grandma and material possessions tend to keep me distracted. But as my favourite song says, we are already forgiven. As my friend told me, we are already saved. What more could I ask for?

How about you? How far have you gone in your relationship with Jesus? Are you enjoying your journey as a pilgrim here on earth or are you desperately seeking to be reconnected with our Saviour. My favourite preacher once said, it is good to be needy and desperate, especially when it comes to God. I read this on the Bible somewhere, I’m not sure what book or passage but I’m sure that God wants us to need Him – to have faith like a child. I hope you’ll share your story and bless us with your experiences and wisdom too. Take care and be blessed with much love!