Monday, April 8, 2013

Why I am Now Confident that My Future is Bright -- Thank You God!

Wow! Last week was a nightmare and a dream rolled into one! Since Monday my mood had been bouncing up and down, up and down, up and down at an alarming pace!!! To cap off that week, I literally fell flat on my face. Well, my right knee and elbow suffered the brunt but you know what I mean. It's just been a really challenging week. And it was not even work-related.

But you know what I realized now that this week is finally over? God is good. And life is good. I just got a bit stuck on the negativity that I did not notice God's wonderful blessings. He gave me an important lesson today. People will surprise you. And I was very surprised with how today turned out. Let me rewind just a few hours back.

My neighbor's daughter -- Ashlee -- the sweetest little girl who is my favorite among all of  the kids in our neighborhood was seeking my attention yesterday afternoon but I was too busy to notice partly because I was in a bad mood and I wanted to go home and sulk. When I gave her 5 pesos, she showed me that she already had a few pesos. I did not know what she wanted. Maybe she just wanted a hug or a kiss. I know I sure could have used one myself. But I was a bit rude and I told her to save the money. I think I was just frustrated at myself because I am not saving money at my age.

Later that same night, I fell on the street and guess who was quick to help me out? That little girl's family. Her father helped me up, her mother comforted me, and her grandmother even massaged both my legs and checked for broken bones. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry but that was when it dawned on me how blind I truly have been. I have been surrounded by these amazing people almost my whole life and yet I barely spend time with them. I used to kiss their little girl when I saw her but for some reason, I have been avoiding her, which usually happens when I am too engrossed with work or when I am not feeling good about myself.

And now I am thinking this must be why God has not granted my dream and constant prayer - a little girl of my own. I have not yet outgrown my selfish ways and I have miles to go probably before I learn that kind of selfless love that only mothers and fathers have for their child.

Another thing I learned today, an attitude of gratitude goes way further than an attitude of grumbling and whining. Also, it is true what they say, "The Truth shall set you free." The Truth really did set me free. I understand now why they call it growing pains. But then, I would rather accept the truth and feel the pain rather than not feel anything at all. That is the worst experience I have ever had and I never want to go down that road again.

But do you know why I am now confident that my future is bright? The answer is simple, really. I have the best support system in the whole wide world. Family, friends, and yes, neighbors too! Who could ask for more? Thank You, Lord Jesus, for opening my eyes to see and experience compassion from the most unexpected people. Thank You, Mama Mary for bringing me closer to Jesus and reminding me to always remember Jesus wherever I go and whatever I do. I have been quite selfish and I am truly sorry. But I am also grateful for Your presence and LOVE Lord Jesus Christ.

Top 10 Reasons Why I Love My Work

Here are the top 10 reasons why I love my work:

1. It puts food on my table.

2. I enjoy my work.

3. I can work whenever I want.

4. I can work wherever I want.

5. I can work with who I want.

6. I can work on what I want.

7. I can work on a variety of projects.

8. I can spend time with my family and friends even on weekdays.

9. I can eat home cooked meals with my family at home.

10. I can rest whenever I want.

I praise You Lord Jesus Christ for blessing me abundantly! Thank You, Lord Jesus! Amen.