Friday, July 3, 2009

Naughty vs. Nice

I’m not really sure if the Lord disapproves of my recent bout of naughtiness but the way I see it, this must still be a part of His plan. After being a good girl all my life, going from one Catholic School to another since Kinder until I finished College, I guess I need to get all the “dark side” out of my system before I can fully discover, accept and embrace the life He has in store for me. I’m positive about the last part—He has a beautiful and perfect life laid out for every single one of us, no matter how far we stray from the Right Path.

I learned a very important lesson today—the only way we can truly know Our Father and Jesus Christ is through the Holy Spirit. Now comes the hard part, actually inviting, recognizing and accepting the Holy Spirit and allowing the Holy Trinity’s magic to become an integral part of our souls, and our lives. This is still a bit on the theoretical side for me as the concept of “total surrender” is still starting to take shape right now so I’ll leave this whole thing be for now. Won’t trouble myself with internalizing this just yet, lest I get too O.C. with the whole thing.

Going back to the first paragraph, I wasn’t kidding about the “good girl” part. For 30 years I’ve lived a life of self-imposed chastity, not always for the right reasons as during the latter part (read: hormonal years), my biggest motivation to wait was guilt. Next was the fear of getting pregnant out of wedlock followed by the deadly threat of STDs, especially AIDS. Hey, paranoia is your best friend sometimes. I never cursed even a couple of years after I left college (guilt again). I stayed away from all forms of vices—illegal drugs, smoking, alcoholic beverages, sex. Well, I did succumb to one vice in the middle of college: FOOD (grrr!). I was also a model student. I never cheated on my exams. That’s why I’m really proud of my scholastic accomplishments cuz I know I earned it through a lot of hard work. Same reason why I have huge dark circles under my eyes (sleepless nights, natch). I don’t brag about them either (except for right now. Hehe.) cuz somehow I feel guilty and embarrassed, even if someone else talks about my “titles.” Don’t ask me why. I’d rather be a diva than a dean’s lister in other people’s eyes? I dunno.

I steered clear of boys and then men cuz I figured they would just distract me from my scholastic goals. I used to see men as temptation. Again, dunno why. Mostly though, I think growing up without knowing my real dad messed up my opinion of men in general. I never even went out with a guy without anyone else while I was in school. Again, guilt. I tried it and it left a bad taste in my mouth, figuratively of course. Say it with me, Ewww!

Uh-oh, we’re heading into man-ny territory! (Pun intended. *wink* Tee Hee.) In the last quarter of 2007, however, I found myself befriending guys, no romantic attachments, just bonding over silly stuff like gadgets and superheroes. That’s when I realized that guys aren’t so bad after all. Especially if you’re lucky enough to be friends with those who respect women. I also became friends with pretty sexy ladies. And by sexy, I mean naughty. Women who aren’t afraid to talk about sex, men, and of all things, batong! And that’s when the fun began. I don’t know how or when it happened but I turned into what Simon would probably call a “naughty little minx.” Well, minus the little but you get the point.

As long as the ones I’m talking with are game, sexual banter ensues and it was sooo much fun! It still is actually. And yet, I still find myself conflicted. I feel guilty now and then, especially when I think the conversation or exchange has gone too far. What’s more, simultaneous to this whole process (Mimi’s naughty side unleashed), another discovery is unfolding, the spiritual growth I’ve been yearning for all my life is starting to bloom. So now I’m really torn—where do I draw the line? How do I strike a balance between the naughty me and the good me? Is that even possible? Or maybe I should just continue my journey of spiritual discovery and give my naughty side the chance to exhaust itself until such time that the good will outweigh the naughty?

Now I know the answer to this question.

First, naughty stuff can only go so far and then it becomes boring—literally. It’s like you grow tired of hearing the same thing every day that you simple wake up one day and decide, ok, it’s time to stop. It’s like a light bulb in your head that was turned off for so long that when the light finally appears, its blinding and can get a little overwhelming at first but as you get used to it, you realize that staying in the dark is nothing compared to being in the light. What’s more, when you decide to emerge into plain daylight, you realize that the world has so much to offer than what your limited idea of what it is. It’s akin to living in an island and then one day realizing that there are more islands to explore.

That’s what happened to me. It was like a cleansing of sorts. I’ve probably had that dark side for years but similarly suppressed it to live up to the standards set by my family and society at large. So when I discovered that it was ok to unleash it, as other people are being naughty anyway, it was like that dark side ran amok. Uncontrollable, irrepressible and just as annoying and irritating—might even have been a nuisance for other people. But, as they say, we make mistakes so we can learn from them, this gal has learned one mighty fine lesson—running amok may be fun to do but it can get a whole lot confusing and overwhelming, especially when you no longer have any control over yourself and the predicament you’ve gotten yourself into.

I still need to identify and set my own boundaries, in an effort to control my tendencies which I had restrained for far too long and now are left unfettered. So it would help if someone would blow the proverbial whistle once in a while. I hope it’s not asking for too much but I still am weak, I’m not ashamed to admit that. I also need help. That part is a little hard to accept. But I know that my actions don’t just affect my life but the people around me, people I love and care about. That’s why, as I begin this quest for redemption and salvation, I’m hoping that my friends will help me along the way. I trust you and I know you would never lead me astray. Thanks for everything you’ve done and said to help get me where I am now. Truly, everything happens for a reason and I’m glad He’s pulling the strings. See you at the other side? Take care and God bless.

I am an Unconscious Spender

Took this quiz a while back. Still can't believe how accurate it is.

Check out your results below and see what type of spender you are.

Unconscious Spender

Wake up! Stumbling through your financial life means you won't sleep peacefully in years to come. Do yourself a favor and get your financial life in order now, so that you can start to move in the direction of your dreams. Unconscious spenders mistake financial ignorance for freedom, and, by avoiding the financial realities of life, end up shackled to debt and working long after their friends have retired. The bottom line: You get less for your hard-earned cash than your savvy friends.

The key to getting more of what you want is knowing what it is that you do want. I know this sounds obvious, but how long has it been since you have stopped and asked yourself what you really want from life? It’s very easy to be caught up in the day-to-day living and never step back and take a look at all the decisions you make about how you live your life and how you spend your money.

If your money management is not focused on getting what you really want, you are an Unconscious Spender. Unconscious Spenders are not necessarily overspenders, compulsive spenders, or irrational spenders. They are simply spenders who are not really conscious of where their money goes.

So how do you better manage the flow of money in your life? A great place to start is with the three rules of money management that underlie Conscious Spending:

1. Live within your means.

Except for people who are really facing hard times, living within your means is not about how much money you have; it’s about your attitude towards the money you have. It’s about living in the present, not mortgaging the future.

2. Take care of your own future.

Saving is not about self-deprivation, it’s about preparing to spend in the future and being able to live the good life throughout your whole life. Saving for your future is not a nice extra; it’s an absolute necessity.

3. Maximize your pleasure.

Have fun. Not just some, but as much as you can afford. The bottom line is you don’t know how long your journey on Earth will be, so I believe you should have as much pleasure as you can afford to have.


Yet another old post that I think still applies, especially with her attempts to cling to power via a constitutional assembly.

Apparently, President Arroyo has lost her mind. I’m sorry but that’s the only reason I could come up with for her rash actions. Declaring a state of emergency is just a step shy of declaring Martial Law. There is no excuse for it whatsoever. The people have a right to be outraged! Not only was it stupid but it was also very dangerous. If it had been met with little resistance, then we would be under Martial rule right now. That’s what happened with Marcos. Do we really want a repeat of that part of our history? Of course not!

So I say we should thank these so called “anti-everything groups” for not only pointing out the folly of Mrs. Arroyo’s actions, but also for doing something about it. In my opinion, they aren’t mere “anti-everything groups”. They are pro democracy, something that is seriously lacking in our country today. Why do I say that? After all, we have the basic freedoms. We have freedom of speech, religion, assembly, etc. However, real democracy means that the people are in power. I remember this distinctly from my Pol Sci 1 class. It’s not enough that we enjoy some freedoms. What’s important is that we are IN POWER. Sadly, this is not the case in our country. The elite few are still in power. Leaving us poor souls in the dark about how our country is being exploited. Yes, our country is being exploited. Multi-national corporations abound. Some say they are heaven sent. They provide jobs and bring much needed dollars into our economy. What they don’t reveal is that these same corporations are bleeding the country dry, exploiting our natural resources and cheap labor. Some might say work is work, right? I humbly disagree. Being treated as a real human being means that you are given your dignity. And that means you are granted humane working conditions and well compensated. You might say I’m a hypocrite for saying this. After all, I work for an American firm. But I guess I’m just one of the few who are less exploited. Still exploited, only to a lower degree. Anyway, I digress. What I’m really trying to say is that being “anti-everything” is not so bad. It keeps us safe from tyrants and dictators and helps us sleep soundly at night.

I think it is unfair to say that these groups are the reason our economy is in such bad state. Mrs. Arroyo and her cohorts are doing a mighty fine job at driving our economy to the dumps, if you ask me. I’m saying that as long as the elite few control our economy and politics, then we have no chance at all at having a better life. I say we should be more vigilant, active and conscious of our country’s conditions. Some say we should blame ourselves and not the government. They are partially right. After all, we put these people in power (although some of them did a great job at putting themselves in power, without the people’s help, if you know what I mean). However, let’s not forget that we are often left with very few choices. We are only given the chance to choose the lesser evil, which in my opinion is a travesty. We deserve better choices, a better life. Until we get that, we need watchdogs like the groups we call anti-everything. They keep us from making the same mistakes over and over again. We make our future happen, so we should have some semblance of control over it, right?

Pain is God’s megaphone

I think I found this somewhere but for the life of me, I can't remember where. My apologies to the original author if this happens to be a reprint. Just wanted to share this with everyone.

Dear Jesus, more than anything else, I want to get to know you more intimately.

When you get serious about finding me and want it more than anything else, I’ll make sure you won’t be disappointed.

Draw close to God, and God will draw close to you.

God is pleased when our worship is accurate.

God is pleased when our worship is authentic.

God is pleased when our worship is thoughtful.

God is pleased when our worship is practical.

Touch My Body (An Old Post)

Oh my! This is such a refreshing change from her usual style!

Ok, let me backtrack a little. I'm talking about Mariah Carey's new video (see blog title, minus seriously, natch!).

Before I go any further, I just have to gush over Mimi's significant weight loss. Wow! She looks fabulous! Even her face is noticeably slimmer. Brett Ratner wasn’t kidding when he said they just had to show off Mariah’s “Hot” body. She’s slimmer now but still voluptuous. Hey, if I look half as good as she does by December 2008 or even 2009 if needed, I'd be gloriously happy. Seriously! She doesn't even need photoshop anymore. Yes, I'm crossing that line, sorry.

All the Mimi haters out there can trash her all they want but one thing remains constant--this gal has the PIPES and she's not afraid to use it. Back when I was just a Mimi fan club neophyte, I was astounded by her eight-octave vocal range. It was unheard of back then, and I didn’t have the convenience of search engines to verify that tidbit either but just listening to her belt out tunes was proof enough for me.

These days, her “whistle register” as my favorite online search tool, Wikipedia, says, isn’t that visible though it still pops up now and then. But even though she has always defied critics and record label owners/producers by doing her own thing, writing, producing and performing her own tracks, Mariah has achieved astounding success, rivaling legends for Billboard and other chart records. See attached “proof” stolen from Wiki.

Oops, I got sidetracked. This is turning out to be a Mimi tribute when all I really wanted to do was share my mirth (thanks for the word, Briza) after watching Mimi’s video for the first time tonight. I guess this is why her role in WiseGirls as a wisecracking waitress was well-received. If she drops her awkward hand gestures, I bet she’d do well starring in comedy films. Well, maybe co-starring in a few first to test the waters.

I don’t wanna go into detail regarding the video cuz it’s something you’ve got to see on your own. But casting Kenneth the page (from hit show 30 Rock) is pure genius! He’s just the right amount of geek to play that role. Perfect! There’s a whole lot of playful romping (not even that naughty, contrary to what my pals and I were expecting), running around, games and my favorite part—her computer. Who knew Mimi had download speed problems too? I can totally relate! Who knows? There just might be a Nerd Herd rep out there for me. Singit pa jud ang boylet oi. Hehe.

So before I reformat my hard drive, I urge all my friends (yep, you included) to watch the video if you can. Trust me it’s not what anyone would expect, considering the naughty song title and lyrics. It’s rolling on the floor laughing my “you-know-what” off funny. Hope it has the same effect on y’all. I’ll be sleeping with a smile on my face tonight, that’s for sure! Grazie, Mimi!


Just had to attach this to my post. Got this from Wiki (again. Hehe.)

“The Emancipation of Mimi became 2005's best-selling album in the U.S. The album earned Carey a Grammy Award for Best Contemporary R&B Album, and the single "We Belong Together" won Best Female R&B Vocal Performance and Best R&B Song. "We Belong Together" held the Hot 100's number-one position for fourteen weeks (Carey's longest run at the top as a solo lead artist), and "Shake It Off" made Carey the only solo female artist to occupy the Hot 100's top two positions simultaneously.

"Don't Forget About Us" became her seventeenth number-one in the U.S., tying her with Elvis Presley for the most number-ones by a solo act according to Billboard magazine's revised methodology (their statistician Joel Whitburn still credits Presley with an eighteenth). The Beatles had twenty number-ones. Carey's singles have, collectively, topped the charts for 77 weeks, which places her ahead of The Beatles (59 weeks), and behind Presley, who topped the combined charts for 79 weeks.

Later in the year[sic 2006], Carey received a "recording star" on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and she has been inducted into the Long Island Music Hall of Fame on October 21, 2007.


Thursday, July 2, 2009

The WannaBaby Syndrome

Ok, it’s official. The universe is taunting me. See, the past few months I’ve been seeing babies everywhere—at the mall, in my neighborhood, even in church, of all places! Not just babies, a whole lot of bald babies! Sooo cute!

To make matters desperate, I saw this super cute toddler at the mall who was probably a child actor cuz when he saw me through the store display window, he stared and stared, all the while laughing and showing his gums, which barely had any teeth! And then he started waving. Sooo cute! Had there been fewer people at the mall, I’d probably have run off with that precocious little tyke! Seriously!

After partly exhausting the baby subject last night with my cuz, I woke up and turned on the TV to entertain me while I did my stretching exercises. Guess what Charito Solis’ first line was… go on, guess. “Buntis ako.” Wahahaha. See why I’m getting the feeling that I’m being taunted? Tsk tsk tsk.

The funny thing is, the only thing I’ve been praying for every night since Thursday after my first ever “happy tears” (thanks Jaze) was… no, not babies. Hehe. I’ve been praying for direction. More specifically, signs. You know, kinda like stop, turn left, turn right, make a u-turn here, you get the drift.

I simply wanted to know what I should do next. Like study the piano or the guitar (cuz I’d like to learn how to play an instrument so that I can write a song for Mimi. Hahaha). Or whether I should buy a bike or enroll in a gym. Or if I should study Engineering or International Law (both subjects have always fascinated me). Or if I should move to New York, Italy or Australia within the next 10 years.

Mostly though, I just need His help in making the most confusing decision of all—how to make a difference in this cruel world. Cheesy, I know. But that has always been an integral part of my character so it’s kinda hard to turn my back on it.

By the way, the movie is still going on in the background while I’m writing this and at this point, Charito has already given birth to two baby girls. Ok. By refusing to turn off the TV I’m mocking myself.

I don’t know what the reasons are for this return of the wannababy craze. Might be the biological clock sounding off alarm bells, could be raging hormones, might be cuz March is women’s month, I even thought it was menopause! Seriously! I know. I’m weird. Hahaha. I even looked up menopause and stumbled across another link about women that said we reach our most hormonal phase during our early 20’s and again between the ages of 30 and 40. Oh puhleez!

Hmmm… Last time this happened was just after college. Well, I’ll stop there lest I end up putting my foot further in my mouth than I already have. Hihihi.

Guess this phase is normal. Hope I get through it without falling into any pits; though if it’s Brad Pitt, I probably wouldn’t mind… jumping into a pit with him. Hihihi. Sorry, couldn’t help myself.

I know this probably isn’t making much sense but one thing is clear—the wannababy dry spell is over. For almost 10 years I’ve sworn off even entertaining the possibility. The thought of giving birth still sounds super scary but all my friends who are now mothers share a common opinion. All the pain in the world is nothing compared to the joy of holding your newborn baby in your arms. Ok, I get the point.

Hey, even the real M.C. (the diva) is talking about having a baby so can you blame me? She said the only thing she’s concerned about is she might not be ready yet since having a baby is a lifetime responsibility. She makes one fine point.

One thing strikes me as funny—the same logic applies to having babies and being a separada. My friends and I were talking about it and one of them pointed out that in order to be separated, you need a partner first, and married men are out of the equation. Same goes for babies, right? Hahaha.

Seriously though, this is not a personal ad [Wanted: baby daddy]. That’s why I didn’t use “I wanna have your baby” as my title. Too bad, would’ve been really catchy though. Too misleading. Hihihi. I’m just making sense of the traffic signs that I’m encountering along the way. Wouldn’t wanna make a wrong turn and wind up in a ditch somewhere [or end up getting ditched].

Shortcuts are out of the question so this is bound to be one very complicated ride. Think I might need that cute red bike with red tassels and bell to help me navigate this road. One thing’s for sure, I’ve got all the Light that I need to help me through this journey.

So that’s my journal for the day. Was giggling during some parts so I’m glad I wrote this. What a great way to start the day. Hope Lola doesn’t think I’ve gone bonkers or something though. :P

Sigh, gotta steel myself for the invasion of the bald babies in church this afternoon. It’s become a staple already no matter what time I go there. So guess I’ll have to face the wannababy music once more and hope that I resist the urge to take one home with me. Hahaha. Mothers beware, babynapper on the loose! Have a blessed Sunday, everyone!

Keeping Your Big Mouth Shut


* I’m saying “we” when I really mean “I”… geez!

5. It’s the best way to avoid putting people to sleep out of sheer boredom. (Sorry folks!) 
4. It prevents us from saying stupid things that might alienate others, or worse, expose best-kept secrets.
3. It puts a stop to all negative comments that hurt others, friends and foes alike.
2. It gives us more time to think… or do more important things. Talking about nonsensical stuff just wastes precious time.
1. It saves saliva. (That’s right, I saved the best for last. Hahaha)

So friends (and foes), here’s the challenge: if you hear me spouting baloney (mmm!), send me a copy of my own list.

Election Fever

Now that the day for Philippine elections is imminent, it seems all the campaigning has hit a fever pitch. There are a few things about our country’s electoral process that really bug me though…

First, why are congressional representatives from party list groups limited to only three from each group? Wouldn’t it make sense to have more representatives from party list groups instead of sorting through all of the traditional politicians who insist on deceiving us, covering their lies and anti-people track records with catchy slogans and jingles? In my humble opinion, I think we would benefit more from party list representatives (the good ones at least) who have concrete platforms, programs and plans coz then we know that they would be working for the masses and aren’t out to fill their pockets with ill-gotten wealth. [I’m looking at all you Trapos out there!]

Second, why don’t we have a law banning political candidates from using money coming from their own pockets to fund their campaign costs? Isn’t it more feasible to force aspiring politicians to look for outside financial help instead of allowing them to spend their own money? That way, they have one less reason to justify their pilfering ways once they’re sworn into office. [I’m still looking at all you Trapos out there!] I know this probably won’t stop them from stealing and cheating anyway but at least this will equal the playing field just a little more, giving the a small amount of leverage to not-so-rich hopefuls.

Third, and I’m defending the environment this time, why haven’t incumbent officials banned the use of too much, if not all posters (such a waste of paper! Huhuhu), most of which are pasted everywhere. They’re not only wasting the lives of all the trees that were cut down to make all the paper used for their stupid posters, they’re also littering the streets with these eyesores! I hate seeing dirty walls and I’m sorry to say their faces mar the relatively clean (loosely used) facades on our streets. Why don’t they use banners, which they could hang on street corners or wherever, as long as they’re not on each and every one? We get it -- they’re running for office. They don’t have to inundate us with all these pathetic attempts to ingratiate themselves with us. A smattering of banners would be enough. At least you can recycle banners. Paper posters, once pasted on the walls, can no longer be used again. What a waste! Not to mention really hideous!

I’ve already forgotten exactly how the whole system works coz it’s been ages since we studied that in my major political science subjects but I honestly think we could do something to improve it. Don’t even get me started on all the cheating, vote buying, killing-sprees, harassments, bullying and other major offense these Trapos do. I don’t have enough time and I really don’t have the patience to discuss all of that. It just gets me all riled up and it’s just not worth all the drama. Needless to say, most of us are aware of what these Trapos are up to and I hope we’re responsible enough to share this knowledge with those who are less informed.

Good luck to those candidates who are seriously out to serve the country and our people. I hope you will prevail. To the rest whose intentions are less than commendable (understatement!), I hope you’ll find yourself at the bottom of the barrel come election day. I urge all voters to choose your bets wisely. Do your research and then trust your instincts. I have faith in your discerning ability. Heaven help all of us if we fail to live up to our full potential as responsible voters. We might all end up in the dump if that happens. It stinks in the dump! That’s all I’m saying! But I guess you already know that.