Saturday, October 13, 2012

A (Grateful) Self-made Woman

Last night, while speaking with my Papa who lives all the way in Italy, he said something that made me very happy - he said that I was a self-made woman. I did not know exactly what it really meant at the time but I had the impression that he was proud of me and that made me so happy.

My Papa is proud of me. Praise God!

My Papa said that I was a self-made woman after learning that I wrote my way through college and made a career in writing afterwards. Now, not only do I find fulfillment in my work; but also receive my father's approval after all these years. People say we should not seek the approval of others. However, making my Papa proud is something that makes me very happy, especially since I barely get to see him anymore. We met once in 2002 and that was it! Just phone calls and letters from Rome after that.

Thank You Lord Jesus for bringing my Papa and me into each other's life. Living without Mama has not been that easy but knowing that I have a Papa who loves and cares for me makes the loneliness go away, even for a while. I miss Mama and I pray Lord Jesus that she is with You. Thank You God!

Mama Mary, queen of all saints, pray for us. Amen.