Sunday, July 31, 2011

Life Isn't Always What It Seems

When we look at other people's lives, we think they are so blessed. However, if we walked a mile in their shoes, we would probably realize that it's not actually a bed of roses.

- Rosie & Misty

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What is Divine Mercy?

Saint Maria Faustina Kowalska


The years Sr. Faustina spent at the convent were filled with extraordinary gifts, such as revelations, visions, hidden stigmata, participation in the Passion of the Lord, the gift of bilocation, the reading of human souls, the gift of prophecy, and the rare gift of mystical engagement and marriage.
The living relationship with God, the Blessed Mother, the angels, the saints, the souls in Purgatory — with the entire supernatural world — was as equally real for her as was the world she perceived with her senses. In spite of being so richly endowed with extraordinary graces, Sr. Maria Faustina knew that they do not in fact constitute sanctity. In her Diary she wrote:
"Neither graces, nor revelations, nor raptures, nor gifts granted to a soul make it perfect, but rather the intimate union of the soul with God. These gifts are merely ornaments of the soul, but constitute neither its essence nor its perfection. My sanctity and perfection consist in the close union of my will with the will of God."

Monday, July 25, 2011

Only God’s Love is Perfect

I would like to share this new post from SoulFood by Bo Sanchez which I find truly inspiring.

Allow God To Love You As You Are

This part really struck me because it hit close to home. It's about God's love and loving God.

For the longest time I thought we had to please God in order to gain His love. Was I wrong!

According to Bo, you should "Allow God To Love You As You Are." Isn't that amazing?

He says:

"Let me shock you. Holiness isn’t primarily about loving God. That’s only a response. Almost like a side effect.

People think holiness is about praying, attending church, or reading the Bible. All that is important. But holiness is not about doing something, but allowing something to happen to you.

Holiness isn’t about working for God. It’s about God working in you. Holiness isn’t about loving God. Holiness is about God loving you.

People think Saints are people who love God. Actually, they’re people who allow God to love them. And loving God just follows automatically.

Because you can’t give what you don’t have.

St. Francis is my favorite saint. And one of my favorite stories of St. Francis was when he was walking with his friend Brother Leo.

While walking through a field of flowers, all of a sudden, without any warning, Francis covered his ears and started running out, all the while screaming, “Stop talking to me!”

Alarmed, Brother Leo ran after him.

Finally, he saw Francis sitting by a rock, catching his breath. Leo asked him, “Master, who was talking to you? I didn’t hear anyone!”

Francis said, “The flowers. They were talking to me.”

Brother Leo’s jaw dropped. The flowers? Has his leader gone loco? He asked a foolish question, “Brother Francis, what did the flowers say?”

Francis was a Saint because everywhere he looked, he saw God loving him.

I repeat: Saints are Saints because they know how to receive God’s Love.  And they allow that love to overwhelm them, overpower them, and transform their lives forever."

I think it's awesome how this answers my previous post about total surrender. It truly is about GRACE. And It's about LOVE most of all. Not our love, but God's love, which is perfect. Isn't that the best news ever?